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Time Table for MG University Internal Redo 3rd Semester



Venue: DBIV Room No: 210 (Supplementary students and Regular students Reg: No 1 to 18),

DBIV   Room No: 211 (Regular students Reg: No: 19 to 41)

Seating Arrangements

Exam War Room Memebers

NameDesignationRoleMobile Number
Dr. J DavidPrincipalChairman9447820405
Dr. Rajesh BabyDean ResearchCo-ordinator9447921482
Dr. Binoy BabyHoD, MEMember9447875050
Prof. Ance Mathew HoD, CEMember9446459146
Dr. Joby P.PHoD, CSEMember9994232860
Dr. V. P DevassiaHoD, ECEMember9447082280
Ms. Ginu Ann GeorgeHoD, EEEMember9562035929
Dr. George Tom VargheseHoD, EIMember9497322385
Dr. Ignatius KorahHoD, S&HMember9447044199
Dr. Jainendrakumar TDHoD, MCAMember9447044199
Dr. Ajith K ThomasHoD, MBAMember9446354373
Mr. Jenson JoseController of ExaminationsMember9447851771
Mr. Baiju JacobNSS Programme Co-ordinatorMember9447301609
Mr. Anto ManuelNSS Programme Co-ordinatorMember8590024145
Mr. Arun JoseInstructor, EEEMember9447869697
Mr. George ThomasInstructor, CEMember9495393581
Ms. Resmi K MathewInstructor, CSEMember7558994212
Ms. Jinimol JosephInstructor, ECEMember9447599281
Mr. Justin TomInstructor, EIMember9847845120
Mr. Johnson JosephInstructor, MEMember9446714176
Mr. Rony JacobSystem AdministratorMember9446604135
Ms. Pilsa PhilipNurseMember9495880717
Sri. Shajimon K R Station Officer, Fire Station PalaiMember9497920071
Sri. Devarajan S R Junior Health Inspector, PHC UllanaduMember9961177067
Sri. Pradeep M SSub Inspector, Police Station, PalaiMember9497910332
Ms. Sophia AndrewsOffice Attender, Panchayat Office, BharananganamMember9605310627

Monitoring Committee

1. Dr. Rajesh Baby, Coordinator - 9447921482
2. Wardens: St. Thomas, St. Alphonsa and St. Augustine Hostel
3. Faculty Advisors of the final year batches
4. Mr. Suresh George, Finance Officer
5. Dr. Jyothis Thomas, S&H - 9447205778
6. Mr. Justine Thomas, Librarian
7. Mr. Anto Manuel, ECE
8. Ms. Pilsa Philip, Nurse



  • Students are directed to be present at least 45 minutes before the starting of the exam.
  • For students of SJCET, the exam hall will be Peter’s Block and St. John Paul Block. Students should check the seating plan available at the college website before coming to the exam.
  • Students entering college bus must wear masks and must sanitize hands before entering bus.
  • Body temperature of all students entering the campus will be monitored.
  • Students coming from Quarantine or Containment Zone will be allowed to write exam in Francis Block. Room Numbers: 102 and 103.
  • Students are not permitted to wander in the campus.
  • Students can use the main canteen strictly observing the COVID -19 protocols. They are not permitted to involve in any activity other than taking food in the canteen.
Category of StudentsDescription
Category -1 COVID-19 Positive students
Category -2Symptomatic students identified at the screening point
Category -3Students under quarantine and from containment zones/hotspots
Category -4Other students
Students coming under category 1 and 3 should report the matter to the email ID of the College (which will be published on the College website of the exam centre) at least 2 days in advance. Also they are requested to contact exam cell coordinator-9447851771
Students coming under category 1,2 and 3 shall fill a declaration in the proforma by the university
  • Students must wear masks all the time. They are advised to carry their own sanitizers, water bottle and must sanitize hands before entering the exam hall. Social distancing must be maintained throughout the process.
  • Students must bring their own stationery required for the exams. Sharing of any items is strictly prohibited inside and outside the exam
  • Students are directed to keep a diary with record of their movement history.
  • Students should not gather inside or outside examination Halls.


  • Students of other colleges must produce their college ID card or government approved Photo ID card. Also a copy of ID proof is to be submitted.

Inside the Exam Hall

  • Students can enter one by one and invigilator will allot answer booklet after pasting the barcode and marking attendance. After this the student must proceed to his/ her allotted seat and remain there till the end of
  • Students after completion of their exams must stand up to inform the same to invigilator and when invigilator allows, the student can deposit his/ her answer booklet in the dedicated cover allotted for it and can leave the exam hall
  • After the allotted time of exam, invigilators will be holding the covers for collecting answer Students must deposit the answer booklet inside the cover with no contact with anything other than the answer booklet.
  • After handing over the answer booklets like stated above, students must proceed to leave the campus strictly observing social distancing.


  • Students are expected not to indulge in any sort of examination malpractices and misbehavior.
  • If a student is caught committing exam malpractice, he/she shall not be allowed to leave the examination hall before the stipulated time.
  • Students should deposit the answer booklet and evidences collected in the plastic bags kept for the purpose.
  • The student caught for malpractice will be provided with another answer booklet and he/she can continue writing the examination. The same alphanumeric code of the barcode in the first answer booklet should be written on the new answer booklet. Such students after completing the exam, should deposit the second answer booklet in the same plastic bag in which he/she has deposited the first one.
  • Students caught doing any sort of exam malpractice is expected to cooperate with college authorities in the inquiry into the malpractice. In case of students who have opted for Centre-change, the probe will be conducted by the university through EMC.

To Hostel Inmates

  • Students staying in hostels will have to abide by the rules and regulations in connection with Covid-19 protocols intimated to them from hostel wardens.
  • Inmates can only move out of hostel premises for the purpose of writing university exams and should be back at the hostel within 15minutes after the They are not permitted to leave the hostel other than attending the exams during the hostel staying period.

War Room

  • Details of the WAR ROOM constituted for the smooth conduct of the exams strictly adhering to the COVID 19 protocols is available in the college website. For any clarification please contact WAR ROOM coordinator Rajesh Baby (9447921482) and Exam cell coordinator Mr. Jenson Jose (9447851771). For college bus related enquires contact Dr. Jyothis Thomas (9447205778).