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“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”- Peter Drucker

SJCET School of Management was started in the Year 2006. Its establishment was the fulfillment of a long cherished dream of providing facilities for professional education to the people of the surrounding regions.From its very inception SJCET School of Management had been relevantly establishing an impeccable reputation among the general public, the emerging professionals and the various visiting committees as a “College which stands out”.

Affiliated to APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University, Kerala, the school offers Masters programme in Business Administration. The aim is to provide an education that helps the students to realize their full potential and be business and industry ready when finishing the course. With this in view, facilities are provided in the college for personality development, Yoga and meditation training, learning skills development, employability skills development, communication skills development, expert counselling services, special coaching for weaker students and sports and games facilities.

Our vision is to emerge as a Centre of excellence in the field of management education with distinct identity and character in all areas of its activity.

Our mission is to provide quality education in management and thereby develop a new generation of managers with proper leadership, commitment and moral values.

Our motto is holistic development of students by providing facilities and opportunities for their intellectual, physical, moral, social and cultural and spiritual enrichment and thereby transforming them in to responsible and dedicated citizens of country.


MBA 2018-2020 BATCH.

SJCET school of management organized an induction program for T1 MBA students during 6th - 8th June 2018. Mr. M B Manoj was the chief trainer of the program. He is a freelance corporate trainer.The program imparted time management skill, stress management,goal setting and overall personality skills



Kitco Ltd in association with SJCET School of Management and Startup Bootcamp SJCET - IEDC organized a three day Awareness Camp on Entrepreneurship from 14th March 2018 to 16th March 2018 at St. Joseph's College of Engineering & Technology, Palai


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Candidates who have been awarded or qualified for the award of the Bachelor’s degree in Engineering / Technology / Business Administration with 50% marks in aggregate or Bachelor’s degree in Arts / Science / Commerce with 50% marks in aggregate for the main course papers are eligible to apply for admission to the MBA programme.The aspiring candidates should also posses a valid CAT/CMAT/KMAT Score.


MBA programme will be structured on credit based system following the trimester pattern with continuous evaluation. Duration for the MBA programme will normally be six trimesters. Each trimester shall have 55 instruction days; i.e. 11 weeks of instruction.
The general course structure of MBA programme will be as given below

  1. Core courses
  2.  Specialization Electives
  3.  Project work

A Student can opt for specialization in the second year as per rules framed for this by the Academic Board for Management Programme (ABM) of APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University. Curricula for the first three trimesters will be common for all specializations of the MBA programme.

Academic Calendar

The University shall publish the academic calendar for every academic trimester/year, indicating the commencement of trimesters as well as instructions, course registration date(s), enrollment date(s), weeks in which the mandatory internal tests are to be conducted, dates for completing internal evaluations, last instruction day in the trimester, schedule of trimester examinations and official holidays in the
trimester/ academic year.




Training programmes by expert outside agencies are arranged for developing various employment related skills such as effective communication, leadership skills, group activity skills, motivation etc.


Visits to industries are an integral part of management studies. It enables the students to get a glimpse of the industry so as to get a practical exposure in real time. The management operations can also be understood to a great extent.


This is a unique training programme for students arranged by this college. Lectures are given on how to learn effectively and how to manage the time available for students in the most effective way.


The department is keen in organizing various programs aimed at cultivating entrepreneurial skills among students under the auspicious of ED Cell.Interactions with well known Entrepreneurs,workshops,awareness programs , paper presentations etc. are a regular feature of our MBA Programme

Community Development Programme

SJCET -School of Management conduct community development activities with the aim of imbibing amongst student’s selfless service to the community, dignity of labour, importance of self-help, and the need to protect the environment.


Special coaching classes will be arranged for weaker students in the evenings and holidays.